Zhao Si

Zhao Si




They disappeared, swiftly
without a trace. Coiling waves, whirled-away time
each and every spinning vortex, soft head curls,
bright smiles.
Acres and acres vanished, they of brightness. Before


I hear, I hear flock of rain, crowing, rushing out of stirred crowds of
chaos and frights, sweeping past, laughing, roars of laughter
crashing into the Wailing Wall. Triumphant karma holds a sharp blade
in its mouth and slices the sigh into pieces; one piece, two pieces,
feathers flutter, dancing. You emerge, among the whirling snow.


My dispossessed soul opens to you like a jellyfish,
transparent, innocent, not knowing the toxins of itself.
It only feels warm and intimate in your staring eyes.
You love it in patheticly, don't you?
It is destined to belong to you;

Love Dance

Those weary faces are all my face;
those hopeless hearts are all my heart;
those struggling people are all struggling inside me;
this world full of loopholes is the clothes I have to wear too;
but those seeming happinesses cannot satisfy my desiring soul.

A Sacrificial Meat

A pair of crumpled muddy jeans
lies on the street unusually after a rain
looking like a weather-beaten face
no one knows it is the remain
of violence or harm or just plain abandoned

A Dot

Running in a race with destruction, nowhere to hide, a dot runs;
destruction blossoms dottedly, large dust-flakes pressing down;
a dot runs, desperately, heart-full of passing through scudded clouds
across the sky, across fallen homeland, piercing the waist of evil creativity.
An angel looks back, everywhere no shelter, who is demolishing, demolishing


You are something I've never seen before but innately love
a town of light bursts out of a drifting black forest
warm, dazzling, beyond any constraint
such a sexy route
runs through me, suspending behind


Praying for nothing but not toppled, nothing but not fallen
nothing but a reed be picked up when it bruises,
a smoldering wick not be snuffed out deliberately.
Before the years' curtain wall of noise and annoyance,
a man, gradually becomes intimate to a music