About us

Why an electronic poetry magazine in Morocco?

With FREE ELECTRON , we want to contribute to a better understanding of contemporary Moroccan and universal poetry in its active diversity. The mutation of this paper magazine into an electronic magazine aims at giving life to common poetic action. The magazine will host and translate into the Arabic language poetic voices that we cherish and would like to share with our audience.

With FREE ELECTRON , we want to create a common platform on which to exchange gazes with other poets of the world. Indeed, the issue of diversity in writing, the organic relation with society, and artistic vision will be at the heart of our editorial approach.

With FREE ELECTRON , we want for the first time in Morocco to throw down the challenge of the digital reception of poetry. In our society poetry is diffused exclusively in books and festivals (which no longer exist). This is an adventure and an unprecedented act that we assume completely.

Poetry is currently in the world. We have now to lead the struggle to make our own poetry visible and emerge into the modern world.

What formula ?

FREE ELECTRON is the first digital poetry magazine in Morocco. A challenge and an adventure. Each issue will be devoted to poetry in a different part of the world. We will make special reference issues with the best poets and translators of chosen poems , as well as unpublished texts, interviews, anthologies ...

Each bilingual issue, depending on its special feature, will be a decisive event for our readers.

Our motto in FREE ELECTRON is :

Poetry changes the world